Thursday, July 26, 2007

MP3 of the Week: "Kinda Weird" Edition

So, Baby Supercomputer has a new favorite saying: "kinda weird." She attributes it to birds of paradise when we're watching Planet Earth. She'll call something a "kinda weird fish." And she says it in an endearing 2-year-old kind of way: "wee-uhd."

The other day she said it referring to our plumber. "What's kinda weird people doing?" Thankfully I don't think he heard it. But to be honest God bless her, he was kinda weird looking. Sort of like a cross between Hagrid and the cavemen from the Geico ads.


Amazingly, this is very prevalent to this week's mp3. Her new favorite song is called "Atlas" by the Battles. Initially she just liked the video, which is awesome. You can get it on youtube here, but I'm not posting the video because you're better off getting a high-quality, full screen-able version at their MTV video page. Just bypass all Snoop Dogg and My Chemical Romance until you get to the Battles. Seriously, it's so cool.

However, it is.... well.... kinda weird. So much so that Baby Supercomputer called it and calls it "kinda weird music." But she loves it and does totally ape when it comes on the iPod.

Certainly, it is kinda weird, but give it a few spins before totally writing it off. If nothing else, watch the supercool video. Second best music video I've seen all year next to Menomena.

The Battles - "Atlas"

Seriously, check out their video first.

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