Friday, July 06, 2007

MP3 of the Week: "Happy 100th Post!" Edition

(Update: This is not actually the 100th post. It's the 97th. Turns out I had some "drafts" that were never published, but they still counted in my dashboard. Oh well. Maybe we'll make a Dear Mr. Supercomputer B-sides/extras album someday and include those.)

While not as exciting as your blogiversary, we made it to 100 posts which should ensure my immortality in syndication. Arrested Development on the other hand, couldn't even make it to 50.

Come on!


This week's mp3 comes from a band called Headlights out of Champaign, Illinois and their 2006 album, Kill Them With Kindness. The track is called, "TV" and I don't have a lot more to say except the song fucking rocks. Especially for a Friday afternoon. If you have the chance to burn it to a CD or plug in your iPod into your car stereo, I recommend blasting this one as you squeal your tires on your way out from work. Power pop at it's best.

Headlights - "TV"

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