Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Hope GW Bush Bails Me Out of My Prostitution Conviction

It's good to have friends in high places.

Normally when someone is convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail by a judge, that person is supposed to serve that sentence, or at least part of it. Even Paris Hilton had to spend like 4 hours in jail.

But not Scooter Libby.

It's just like, "you know what? We're already at a record low approval rating. Screw it. We're just going to blatantly overturn the law. F--- you, Judiciary."


DMS apologizes for the recent lack of posting. We went a whole week without giving kickass commentary like that above. It's unforgivable. But then, we just concluded the most active month in DMS posting history (13 posts!). So back the hell off.

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sk said...

The real crime in all this is that Libby's jail time was considered excessive, yet there are 2 border patrol agents in jail for 11 & 12 yrs.

They had the audacity to do their jobs and try to arrest a drug kingpin from Mexico !