Saturday, June 02, 2007

Well Guys, What Do You Think?

It's just so tough to choose.

(I have no idea what any of the above words mean and/or are referring to except "which" and "Vote.")


Adam said...

Hey Geoff, you know how you were complaining about not being able to watch the Cavs on tv? Well at least you could probably find someone with TNT (is that which channel it's on?) and go over to their house. When the NHL playoffs started, the Penguins were on Versus. Now we don't have cable either but I wouldn't have even been able to watch this if I did have cable. What is Versus? I had never heard of it.

gk said...

I'd never heard of Versus before they started televising the NHL playoffs. I'm thinking aloud here: how much do you think they paid to televise it? Probably not too much. I mean, it's Versus, after all. I wonder if we could televise it, you and me. I'll chip in a cool C-note. If you put in for another hundred maybe that'd be enough. We could commentate together too. I'll drop all sorts of +/- stats.