Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Night

You've heard of "drunk dialing," right? We'll, I'd like to introduce you to "drunk blogging."

Once Baby Supercomputer was asleep, with Mrs. Supercomputer at work, my night consisted of the following:

Totino's Pizza Rolls. Don't judge me. You love them too. I had about 20 of them. Although, they need to stick with just the Pepperoni. This "Supreme" crap just scares me.

Wine: Avalon, Cabernet Sauvignon 2004. An entire bottle. Hence the drunk blogging. Goes great with pizza rolls by the by.

Scrubs, Season Five. Maybe it's the Avalon talking, but so far it's probably my favorite season. There's none of that J.D.-Elliott bullcrap and about three to five of those episodes that just leaves you breathless. This includes the episode that spawned my affection for The Fray's "How to Save A Life."

And this:

No, not that Warcraft III CD you see in the right of the screen (and screw you by the way for calling me a dork under your breath). But a 98-82 Cavs victory to put them in the Finals (which might actually be televised!) against the San Antonio Spurs. This is the first time that the Cavs have ever been in the finals. It's the first time the city of Cleveland has been there since 1997 with the Indians (who lost to the Detroit Tigers tonight - good job Detroit!).

It's totally unreal. The Cavs have the best player in the league and are in the Finals. The Spurs will be favored no doubt. They dispatched the Utah Jazz with ease and have probably the second-best player in the league in Tim Duncan, for whom the Cavs have no viable answer. However, this Cavs team is peculiar. They tend to bring other teams down to their level. Yaysports described them as "retarded chameleons," the idea being that they play to whatever talent level they oppose. That's kind of true, but it seems more like they drag good teams down into the mire and muck of a sort of "defensive brand" of basketball. Games are rarely in the 100's. More likely they are in the 80's. Which is fine and dandy with me. Sure, the rest of the world wants to see the Phoenix Suns put up 120 points every night. But winning is style. And the Cavs and Spurs will probably play several close games and the Cavs might win a few. And sure, the Spurs will be and should be the heavy favorites, BUT, remember two things:

1) The Cavs will have the best player on the court, and...

2) ...they are the Retarded Chameleons.

Much more to come, indeed. As for tonight, praise be to LeBron, praise be to Daniel Gibson.


World B Free said...

Cavs in 7.

gk said...

Correction, the Cleveland Rockers of the WNBA reached the championship round sometime in the past few years.

Apologies, apologies all around.

gk said...

Nope, I was wrong. The Rockers never made it to the championship round. Guess I don't know my WNBA history very well.

Someone give me a sedative so I can go to sleep.

Kai Haaskavi said...

This is how we roll.