Friday, June 22, 2007

MP3(s) of the Week: Dual Edition

To make up for last week's travesty (I can't tell you how many emails I got complaining) of not giving an mp3 of the week (ok, I can tell you: zero) DMS shall make up for it with TWO mp3s this week.

The first is from the patron saint of DMS. Yes, Sufjan Stevens (again). Though he gets bonus points for this week for being hoaxed. Someone went on Purevolume and wrote that his next album will be about Oregon, entitled Oregon With The Wind and even went so far to put up a fake (and rather awful) song entitled "Portland, or Breathing Underwater."

Since then, the Purevolume page has been corrected by Sufjan's label. But in honor of the hoax, let me present to you an as of yet unreleased song that he plays live, "Majesty Snowbird." In typical Sufjan fashion, it's beautiful, sprawling, layered, and long.

Sufjan Stevens - "Majesty Snowbird (live)"


The other mp3 this week is in honor of the ACL Fest selling out of 3-day passes, while DMS twiddled their thumbs, putting off buying passes until, alas, it is too late. And we're not sure we'll be paying for a one-day pass either ($80). We might just take the year off, actually go in to work (what a concept) that Friday, and just try to catch an aftershow or two.

The National is a buzz band that by the time ACL hits us, will have probably been on Letterman, or at least Conan, if they haven't been already. Allegedly they put on incredible live shows. That's good, because, while I like the songs that I've heard (hence the mp3 this week), I find them a bit droll in the studio. No matter. Here's "Fake Empire."

The National - "Fake Empire"

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