Friday, June 01, 2007

In Lebron We Trust

Last night, Lebron James had one of the most remarkable playoff games of all time. In a double OT victory for the Cavs, Lebron scored the last 25 points for Cleveland, including every single overtime point. That's amazing. Three supporting Cavs had fouled out by the second overtime. What resulted was as follows:

The above shot was the game winner. I count four Pistons in the shot and zero non-deity Cavs.

Now, there's been enough written on the web today to get your Lebron fix so I'll not write too much more.

And the truth is, this series isn't over. Game 6 is in Cleveland. If the Cavs win that, then it's on to the first finals in franchise history.

Here's the thing folks. When Dear Mr. Supercomputer was growing up, everyone's favorite team was the Chicago Bulls. Every one of my damn friends had a Michael Jordan Bulls jersey (OK, I did have a few ambitious friends who thought it would be cool to get a non-Jordan Bulls jersey : BJ Armstrong and such). I had a Team USA Mark Price jersey because I was just that awesome (probably the only non-Larry Bird white player jersey ever sold for ten years).

Anyway, I got so damn sick of the Bulls. Even when they weren't beating the Cavs in the playoffs. Even after they had run the Cavs off of the Map of Relevance, I still couldn't stand them, Jordan especially. He was every-damn-where. And he just kept winning championships. My friends got so accustomed to it, they didn't even bother to gloat anymore.

Now? None of them like the Bulls anymore, most don't even watch the NBA.

It still feels weird to open up the front page of and see a lead story about the Cavs. They were buried in irrelevance for so long, it still doesn't seem right that I could ever watch them on TV. I still never get to watch the Browns and the Indians.

Ash, says I should count my blessings sportswise: the Cleveland Indians have the best record in their division, the Cavs are one win away from being in the finals and they have the best player in the game, and the Browns have the sexiest quarterback around. Me? Let's just say that I'll feel validated if they actually win a championship. In my lifetime.

(P.S. The Cleveland Indians also beat the Detroit Tigers to remain atop 1st place in baseball. There's this whole Cleveland v. Detroit thing shaping up.)


gk said...

By the way, I'm loving this whole Detroit won those first two games so Lebron could learn the lessons and emerge all the mightier. It kind of reminds me when Obi Wan told Darth Vader "if you strike me down I shall become more powerful than ever."

sk said...

If you want to win championships, you should do what I did: get married to someone who went to Univ of Florida.