Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Beautiful Moment for the Internet

Example #378,482 of how Google has changed the way we live, mostly for the better.

So I recieved a call today for Mrs. Supercomputer who was sleeping off a long night of work. After I informed the (obviously) telemarketing/scamming caller that she was unavailable, the caller informed me that Mrs. Supercomputer had won a prize through their company! Wow! And she didn't even have to enter! I asked for a number to call her back on. The caller gave me the number 1-800-710-0986.

Since I was sitting at my computer I just plopped that very number as you see it into Google. The results? Right here.

So I asked the caller if Mrs. Supercomputer had won a Cadillac. The caller couldn't tell me what she had won but asked why did I think it was a Cadillac. I told her of the Google search results and she assured me that it was not a scam. That "Vacation Resort Management" was a real live business. So we talked for a while to decide if it really was a business. In the end I just had to disagree with the caller, suggesting the company wasn't quite as up front as they could have been. Then I asked to be removed from their directory. I figured I'd given this "business" enough of our time.

Just thought I'd share that. It's not that I needed Google. But it was kind of fun.

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Daniel said...

Got the same call today. Figured I should google it also. Found your post. Google for the win!