Friday, May 25, 2007

MP3 of the Week: "School's. Out. For. Summer." Edition

This week (just finished) signals the end of the school year for Dear Mr. Supercomputer. This means many months off from teaching. But the work is never finished: as the Summer begins, so too does the busy season around DMS (ed note: okay, there isn't a busy season around here, but if there were, it would be Summer. But there isn't, so it's not.).


The appropriately titled mp3 this week is from the patron saint of Dear Mr. Supercomputer: Sufjan Stevens. SS is rereleasing 2004's sparse and intimate Seven Swans with a couple bonus tracks, including the following, "A Waste of What Your Kids Won't Have."

Sufjan Stevens - "A Waste of What Your Kids Won't Have"


Adam said...

Wow, summer. How amazing to have the summer off.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't want your job. And you should get paid much more to do your job. But still, the summer must be nice...

Congrats on the arrival of a much-deserved break.

Adam said...

Oh and thanks for the new track. I have actually been gathering sufjan rarities just this week - I hadn't come across this one.

gk said...

Have you found "Godbird" and "Niagara Falls?" I've read his next album is either going to be about New York or birds.

Gotta love Sufjan.

The Lord Godbird:

Adam said...

Yeah, I got those ones along with these ones:

- Damascus
- Can't Even Lift My Head
- Opie's Funeral Song
- Ride the Woodbeast
- Free Man in Paris
- Pickerall Lake
- God'll Never Let You Down
- She Is
- Borderline
- What Goes On
- Wolverine

I'm still looking for a bunch of other ones that I read about online but haven't found mp3s for yet..

Ash said...

Teachers have nothing to complain about. Three months off? Where are we, Europe? The pain and sweat teachers endure during the year is fairly compensated with three months of doing nothing. My two weeks off a year pale in comparison. And I work hard too! Teachers, always taking advantage of the system. Just like illegal immigrants.

Wow, that's about all I can muster. Pretty good, right?

gk said...

Are you trying to channel Zbigniew?

sk said...

Like when we were younger, Geoff will be bored within 2 wks.