Friday, May 18, 2007

MP3 of the Week : "New Addition to the Family" Edition

Adam wasn't the only one to have a new, cherished member added to their family unit this past Mothers' Day.

The Dear Mr. Supercomputer family got a new computer and it is, well, super. It's an iMac. It's pretty cool. Within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box, Baby Supercomputer and I were making a video for Mothers' Day for Grandma Supercomputer. We were taking pictures, watching movie trailers, and while I'm starting to sound like a commercial, it's cool.

So from now on, DMS will be brought to you via iMac. I know you're all a titter.


In honor of the iMac, the mp3 of the week is a mash-up. You see, the iMac comes with a program called Garage Band. We've already made some real masterpieces such as this one (best 5 seconds you'll listen to all day). In addition, it's relatively simple to be a play-at-home DJ. And while we're still working out the kinks, we plan to make the most of GB.

So therefore, this week's mp3 of the week is a mash-up of Nick Drake's "Northern Sky" and Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." I'm not sure if you could find two more dissimilar artists from the same era, but maybe that's what makes this versus so genius.

Nick Drake/Marvin Gaye - "Northern Soul"

(Update: I guess I need to iterate : I did NOT make this song. Not even close. Mrs. Supercomputer thought I had. I found it on a music blog. I just put it up because theoretically, with Garage Band I could make something like it. You know, if I had the time, patience, talent, and creativity. Right now DMS has none of those things.)

(Update #2: This post has now been spellchecked.)


Ash said...

Too funny. Maybe Ivy and iMac can be friends.

Adam said...

Excellent idea. iMac is welcome to come and stay at our home anytime. We'll take good care of her.

Amanda said...


We in the Sriram household are really jealous of your purchase -- Rishi & I just visited the Apple store in Austin this past weekend. The plan is that we'll buy one as a graduation gift when Rish is done with his doctorate, you know, in 2020 or something...

gk said...

I bet he can get some sort of discount for being a student or "in education" if nothing else.

It is very cool.