Friday, May 11, 2007

MP3 of the Week: "Just When You Think You're Out, They Pull Me Back In" Edition

When Dear Mr. Supercomputer got the news that A) the Austin City Limits Music Festival tickets were sold out at the $120 price and B) henceforth be sold at a whopping $145, we held a boardroom meeting, looked at the finances for the year and came to the conclusion that we wouldn't be going this year. I mean, who needs to pay $145 to sweat to death, stand for hours, and feel like shit the following Monday at work? Who needs that?

Well, the Austin City Limits Music Festival released the lineup for this year's festival. And let's just say that we're seeing if we can rework the finances. Maybe do a little Arthur Anderson style number swapping to free up those $145.

I can't really look at the list without going blind at this point.


In honor of the ACL Fest lineup, this week's mp3 comes from Joseph Arthur who has very quickly made a career of writing just incredible song after incredible song. His music is beautiful, haunting, disturbing, and oftentimes all three. "Black Lexus" comes from his 2006 release Nuclear Daydream. Who knows: maybe I'll be listening to it live come September.

Joseph Arthur - "Black Lexus"

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Adam said...

The title of your post seems somewhat fitting for Brooke's sunday morning...