Friday, May 04, 2007

MP3 of the Week : "Jon Stewart is part of the new media" Edition

If you've got a cool half hour to kill, I highly recommend his conversation with Bill Moyers about journalism in America (complete with Daily Show clips for good measure). You can watch the full interview here. It's witty and thought provoking.
More Americans get their news from nightly talk shows like Jon Stewart than the actual news. And I don't think that's such a bad thing. Sure, it'd be nice if we could get teenagers to watch the Newshour with Jim Lehrer but it isn't going to happen. Stewart, which assuredly biased and cynical, is knowledgeable enough that he can make you think. And he's separated from the machine enough that he can be relatively independent.

So I encourage you to watch his sit down with Bill Moyers. Yes, he's a comedian and I wouldn't go out and get rid of Reuters just yet. But aside from being damn funny, he's not too bad of a journalist... if he were one.

In honor of Feist's new release (which I have on the best authority is simply excellent), here is an mp3 of what is as of now her most famous song, remixed by The Postal Service. Everyone loves the Postal Service, right? So watch Jon Stewart, and listen to the PS Remix of "Mushaboom."

Feist's new album: The Reminder


Ash said...

What a great interview. I saw that McCain interview the night it aired, I'm blown away by McCain's transformation from someone who used to hold Bush to task to someone who now embraces his major ideas (Iraq, tax cuts). It's incredible how well spoken John Stewart is for a comedian.

Adam said...

I loved the interview with Stewart - great stuff. Thanks for posting it.