Sunday, April 29, 2007

The City of Cleveland Just Got 4% Hunkier

All the talk was about the Browns taking Brady Quinn with the #3 overall pick. Instead, they went with Offensive Tackle and expert fisherman Joe Thomas. This pick was/is highly endorsed by Dear Mr. Supercomputer. You have to respect a guy that would rather go fishing than hang around with Jets fans. I am a little worried about the possibility of an early onset of male pattern baldness.

But then the Browns' draft got interesting. Mega Hunk QB Brady Quinn kept falling and falling and no one was taking him. Minnesota passed on him at #7. Miami passed on him at #9 which was the huge shocker.

And none of the next 12 teams thought they needed a QB. So the Browns traded up to get him. And the gay community of Cleveland must be just beside itself.

Dear Mr. Supercomputer's reaction?

Let me delve into some comments made by one "gk" during the recent college football season on our always engaging fantasy football message board.

  • " I'd rather have Troy Smith than Brady Quinn." (Ed. note: Troy Smith wasn't picked until the end of the 5th round.)
  • "Can someone tell me why Brady Quinn is a consensus #1 pick? I just can't wrap my head around it."
  • "When the Browns draft Brady Quinn at #3, that'll show you how foolish it is."
  • "I'm not a huge Trent Green fan, but I do think he's competent. And i like that option better than Frye, Anderson, or Brady Quinn."
  • "I'm begging again Phil Savage: don't draft a QB at #3!! Particularly this QB!"

Regardless of where he was drafted, those comments don't reflect a huge amount of confidence in the young sexy QB. They go show just how little this "gk" knows about college football.

But then, why did DMS get all excited yesterday and practically wet himself when the Browns traded up to get him? Was it because we had prepared ourselves to see him taken at #3 in the weeks leading up to the draft? Was it because we got two top-10 talents in one draft? Was it because of this? (Ed. note: I think that might actually be my brother.)

I think more than anything it's that the Browns are trying to become relevent again. Remember this post? Even if Quinn is a total bust, they gave it a shot. They got a guy that wanted to play for Cleveland, growing up in Ohio. They got the sports world talking about Cleveland. They got a face for the franchise. And between Brady Quinn and Grady Sizemore, centerfielder for the Indians, Cleveland has a claim to the #1 and #2 sexiest atheletes.

Look, the draft is a crap shoot anyhow. And the Browns have been coming up snake eyes for years now. But this way, if Quinn isn't the hybrid of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady that his college coach says he is, he'll come at the price of a #22 pick, not a #3.

(Ed. note: The Browns had to sacrifice next year's first round pick to get him. So it might end up being a #3. But they only have to pay him #22 money. You follow?)

One thing is for certain: the Browns brought sexy back.

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