Monday, March 12, 2007

Wading into the ocean of the blogosphere

At six months, Baby Supercomputer was learning things at an incredible rate, but let's be honest: she was still a rather helpless marshmallow. She drooled, cried, and couldn't even control her own arms. At six months, Dear Mr. Supercomputer is at roughly the same stage in life development.

For me, the most difficult step in starting a blog was admitting that I wanted one. For a long time I saw blogs serve as basically a myspace sort of function. They were there to inform friends and family of all the cute little things your baby just did.

But the blogosphere has opened up a whole new world and is starting to run traditional media out of business. Now that's something I can get behind! If you wanted news, sports, music and insight, you are no longer held captive by the Associated Press and

Mind you, I'm not at all saying that Dear Mr. Supercomputer is contributing to the flattening of the world in any way. We have no niche like Bob Loblaw's Law Blog and don't ever expect to find one. But after being named Time magazine's Person of the Year, I felt compelled to join in the celebration.

So, to celebrate, I can think of no more appropriate means than by sharing the greatest blog post I've ever read, the reason the Internet was created, here.

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Steph said...

mock draft with judge reinhold!

mock draft!