Thursday, March 15, 2007


(pre-script: Before you let me know, yes, I know the formatting on this post totally sucks. If you don't like it, get your own damn blog and insert a table and make it look nice, ok?)

If Spring Break were an actual holiday, it would have easily surpassed New Years Eve as my favorite holiday years ago. Sure, the week off is nice, but as it turns out Spring Break always corresponds with South-By-Southwest and the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. Oh, and St. Patty's Day.

On Wednesday Mrs. Supercomputer and I went to see some free SXSW shows. Those of us too poor to purchase wristbands or individual tickets are religated to the day shows which are all free. But there's no shortage of those thankfully, and at many venues they serve free beer. So we headed over to Mohawk for the Gorilla Vs. Bear showcase.

How cool is Austin? We ran into no fewer than 10 friends in a matter of a couple hours. And mind you, Mohawk isn't exactly a huge venue, and it was one of dozens that had free day shows. Apparently no one in this town works over Spring Break. We had the pleasure of seeing Sparrow House, Titeur, Peter and the Wolf, and Architecture in Helsinki (the last two bands were the ones we orignally wanted to see).

Today, Thursday, however, we have a problem. With the NCAA Tournament starting, what is a Supercomputer to do? Do we go see more shows and drink free beer? Or do we glue ourselves to the TV and watch March Madness? It's a tough call. So it might be best to compare the two choices side by side.

Start TimeSXSW Day Shows start around noon.March Madness kicks off at 11 AM CST when your Fusion
is still hot.
Feel Good StoryUnknown indie band gets signed to big record deal.Cinderella Story
DrinkingOftentimes shows will have free beer, usually from independent brewries.You gotta pay for your damn Bud Light like everyone else.
Cool FactorYou can now be in the hipster music scene.You know the Average Points Per Game from the starting point guard of
Oral Roberts
IntermissionsBands tuning up.Commercials: "This is our country...."Draw (At least that godforsaken Applebees commercial is gone)
MCsDavid Cross. Will Wynn.Clark Kellogg.
CostFree, if you go during the day.Free, with a possiblility of gambling, in which you'll surely lose money.
So maybe it's not free.
End TimeDay shows end around 6:00 PM.Weeks later.
Celeb sightingsMatthew McConaughey. Will Leitch.Ashley
. Matthew McConaughey

So the score comes out to 4-4. A tie. I guess since no decision can be made between SXSW and March Madness, I'll have to settle for blogging.

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