Sunday, March 18, 2007

Misadventures in HTML

In case you hadn't noticed this past week (and judging by the comment total, you haven't) we've had some minor technical glitches here at Dear Mr. Supercomputer. No one on the DMS staff is an HTML expert by any means. And frankly there's a lack of commitment on the staff as well. Some spend most of their HTML study time this week working on other endeavors.

So as an act of reciprocity, I'll spare you from a long drawn out recap of a music festival and simply get to the good stuff: the music itself. You see, in this new, flat world where everything is almost instantaneously uploadable and downloadable big record companies didn't know how to counteract the dipping record sales presumably due to illegally downloaded music. They started flailing about, suing Napster, then 9-year old girls.
But now, a lot of the independent record labels see the Internet as a good way of spreading their music on a level that was never afforded them in the past. So here are some of the bands I saw over the break with a fully-legally downloadable mp3 to go along with it.

(PatW is one to keep an eye (ear?) on. His 2006 release is all over the place, but the makings of a Sufjan-like career are in place...)

(These guys were a ton of fun. Silly me: I thought Devo was no longer with us.)

(Again! But this time it was free with free beer. I've linked this song via video before, but it's so good you should have it on your iPod.)

(Another band to look out for in the next year. Oh, and they've got lots of great covers at their website. I defy you to find a band that covers The Be Good Tanyas, the Ramoes, Fiona Apple, and "The Jerk.")

(By this time I was pretty sauced from the free beer and the sun. It was 4:30 PM)

We'll try to bring you more legal mp3s as we discover them. Most of these mp3s are linked straight from the bands' websites so don't feel bad for downloading them. Just make sure you go out and see a show or buy their album every once in a while, ok?

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