Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Not To Inspire Confidence in a Fan Base

1) Bypass talented local players for unknown projects.


2) Compound mistakes upon mistakes.


3) Say things like this:

"Yes, we've made mistakes," team owner Bob McNair said. "Not just there, that's not the only place. And we'll make mistakes moving forward. The key is you've got to make more good decisions than bad decisions."


In 2006, the Houston Texans, who will never ever be mentioned on this blog again, passed on the opportunity to draft Vince Young because they already had David Carr at quarterback. Fair enough. Yesterday, however, the Texans traded for a QB who threw a total of 27 passes last year for a fair haul of draft fodder. And then signed him to a $48 million deal.

Look, if the Texans thought that highly of Schaub, that's fine. But reports are that they also sought after Jeff Garcia, Jake Plummer, and Patrick Ramsey before acquiring Schaub. Though I live in Austin, I am far from one of those drooling Vince Young evangelicals. But I will say that he has a tad more upside than Garcia, Plummer, and Ramsey. As for Schaub, who the hell knows?

Man, I'd hate to root for a team that screws up their high draft picks.

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sk said...

You've had it easy. Do your research and let me know what would pass for a Wikipedia entry for "Ed King", "Mike Junkin" and "Clifford Charlton"