Friday, February 09, 2007

327 Votes.



Ash said...

There's a really appropriately titled reggaeton song (basically Latin American hip hop) called "Lo Que Paso Paso" (What Happened Happened).

Lo que paso paso, entre tu y yo (between you and I)

I know Rehnquist wasn't the easiest person to have a relationship with, and yes, I was burned in 2000 by Rehnquist when he decided to drive a stake through my heart with his decisive opinion. I remember wondering, "Why me? Why Rehnny?" But I've let Rehnquist go, his death certainly helped quicken that process, and now, like the song says, what happened happened. We must look forward, not backward. There's many more fish in the sea.

gk said...

Yeah, and it's unfair to target him in the Bush decision, since every justice voted along party lines. But the fact that they even heard the case is beyond me.