Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Take the State of the Union Quiz!

Win fun and exciting prizes such as Axis of Evil dolls.

Sorry for the lateness of this link, but make predictions of what President Bush will tell the Union tonight here.

I'll post my score if you post yours.

(Update! : I'm totally kicking ass right now! He's wearing a blue tie and has already said the words "Math and Science.")

(2nd Update: Started off strong, but wavering now (mimmicking the Bush presidency). I predicted more Cheney-standing-while-Pelosi-remains-seated incidents. Also, I think I somehow overshot the number of times Bush would use the word "freedom." And foolishly, I thought he'd use the term "global warming.")

(3rd Update: Woo hoo! He said both "earmarks" and "Iran!" Bingo!)

(4th Update: Dammit! He said "Osama Bin Laden." And he's only mentioning the Persian Gulf, and not the Gulf of Mexico. I thought he would refer to both. P.S. The SOTU is about 600% percent more enjoyable with you have Axis of Evil Puppets riding on it.)

(5th Update: Holy shit! It's Dikembe Mutumbo!! He wasn't included in the quiz!)

(6th Update: OK. What the hell is going on? Now he's going on about Baby Einstein? Where am I?)

(7th Update: Hmm. Is "God Bless" the same as "God Bless America?" If not, then I'm golden.)

(8th Update: Time for the Democratic response. I need another beer if I'm gonna get through this. Which reminds me: Play the SOTU Drinking Game 2007!)

(9th Update: Update on a prior update: Bush DID say "Global Climate Change" which, unfortunately, was not my choice. I actually thought he would pony up and use "global warming." Stupid me. On a side note: I once saw an interview who got the Republicans to all start using the term "climate change" rather than "global warming." A truly interesting concept that such a minor "clarification" could result in, really, the end of civilization. I forget who that guy is, but I'd like to beat him to death with a lead pipe.)

(10th Update: I think the aforementioned "climate change" monger is this guy. Note: Jim Webb is giving the Democratic response, but I'm totally not paying attention. And I'm drunk.)

(11th Update: Jim Webb mentioned Hurricaine Katrina, while Bush did not (point for me!). I bet if the Saints had won on Sunday he would have mentioned it. Because as Stephen Colbert says below: "If the Saints [had won] it is as if Katrina never happened!"

(12th Update: I've seen Senator Hilary Clinton interviewed on two separate networks. And I'm out of beer.)

(13th Update: Oh. And here's Barack Obama. That was subtle ABC.)

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