Thursday, January 25, 2007

State of the Union Quiz Results - DMS was this close...

First off, I want to thank whoever decided to seat the tallest person in the building next to the shortest person in the building.

Secondly, out of over 1100 SOTU quiz entrants, Dear Mr. Supercomputer finished 11th. We had 35 right out of 50. And 37 was the top spot. I'm kicking myself for actually thinking Bush would refer to Ban Ki-moon. And frankly, I'm disappointed in both Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney for not alternately standing and sitting.

Anyway, this caps not only a whirlwind evening but also quite a year for DMS finishing just off the pace. If you'll remember DMS faltered late in the Baseball Prospectus Predictatron thanks in large part to the Mets sucking it up against an average St. Louis squad in the playoffs.

So, I hope you enjoyed not watching the SOTU as much as Dear Mr. Supercomputer enjoyed bringing it to you, presumabley after the fact.

(Update: Big thanks to Adam for sending this link. You can see how many times any word(s) were used in each of Presient Bush's SOTU speeches. It's a fun toy and I discovered this is the first time he has ever even used the phrase "climate change" (he has never used the term "global warming" - had I known this, I might have myself a nice set of Axis of Evil puppets).

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Adam said...

That's just about the funniest picture ever. Hilarious.