Monday, January 29, 2007

The following picture was not taken from the recent (*Edited for content*) School teacher workday.

We here are Dear Mr. Supercomputer are lucky enough to have an agent within the Independent School District of (*Edited for content*). As it were, today happened to be a teacher workday, meaning no students. Teachers worked all day long to increase student learning. Below is an actual transcript of a meeting of the (*Edited for content*) department at (*Edited for content*) School. (Unfortunately, we have no visual record, only audio.)

Speaker A: Good Morning! Here’s what’s on the agenda for today. (*points to board*)
Speaker B: What time do we get out for lunch?
Speaker A: 11:30 AM. Now, let’s get to work. Ready? Here we go. TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS student performance TAKS TAKS TAKS scores TAKS TAKS Math and Science TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS tutoring TAKS TAKS….
Speaker C: TAKS TAKS?
Speaker A: Yes. TAKS.
Speaker B: What time do we get out today?
Speaker A: Depends on TAKS TAKS TAKS. As you know, we’re under major pressure TAKS TAKS TAKS TAKS. Now, let’s open this TAKS test from a few years ago and look at the following problems. Let’s look at TAKS how we solve them.
Dear Mr. Supercomputer: But I already know how to solve them. And we did this last time. And the time before that.
Speaker A: TAKS TAKS TAKS!! Now. Onto problem one. On last year’s TAKS (*Edited for content*) percent got this problem wrong in this district. 34% guessed choice A. 26% guessed choice B…..
Dear Mr. Supercomputer: (*slits wrists*)
Speaker A: …percent chose D.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have of the audio. There’s some sort of “slumping body” sound after that.


Adam said...

And all of this was on top of the loss of Barbaro today.

I'm so sorry.

gk said...

Been a rough day.

Amy said...

I have a friend who teaches third grade, and she tells similar stories. Not exactly the same, because, who can tell a story like DMS? But similar.

JO said...

I'm sorry that you had to slit your wrists. I feel the same way when I am at work.