Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fiesta Bowl : Boise St. - Oklahoma, 1/1/07 - 1/2/07

Games like this just don't exist in real life. Games like this are reserved for an 8 year old's imagination in the back yard or in one the seemingly never ending onslaught of football movies. In fact, this game was better than imagination could have conceived.

Mrs. Supercomputer and I had the fortune of actually going out Monday night and I had taped the Boise St. - Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl in the hopes of doing some freelance scouting work on OU running back Adrian Peterson for the Cleveland Browns. They haven't returned my phone calls yet, but you know how the holidays are.

(note: "taped" is what you used to do before the days of Tivo)

While AP was a slight disappointment, the game itself was anything but.

I hate to go in to too much detail. Let me say this: Mrs. Supercomputer stayed up and watched it with me. If that doesn't tell you what an exciting game it was, then nothing will.

I know that last year's exciting Rose Bowl game for the National Championship had more prestige. And I know that Boise St. - Oklahoma doesn't have a same pizazz as USC-Michigan. But in terms of an actual game, last night's Fiesta Bowl was the best game I have ever seen and probably ever will see. There's no way it could have been topped. I hate to shill for The Network but if you have ESPN Classic - and they should be showing it on ESPNC any minute now - get a bowl of popcorn ready.

Trick plays. Last minute touchdowns (several of them). Do or die situations. 4th and 18. Marriage proposals. Underdogs. I'm not sure what else could have been done to make it a "better" game.

Below is a nice succession of video clips from the end of the game. But I'd implore you to watch the game itself first.

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Rishi said...


I am so glad you posted this! Amanda and I were watching the game too (she likes college football), and I could not believe how exciting it was! She, of course, loved the proposal.

Ellis heard me screaming and started yelling for me (he honestly gets really upset when I cheer while watching college football and he is in bed). He begged me to let him watch, and I caved.

The three of us watched overtime together while eating ice cream. It was so wonderful.

It still ranks behind the Baylor/A&M game, but certainly it's number 2!