Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blue Sky Holiday

I vowed not to bore the loyal Dear Mr. Supercomputer readership with the banal minutiae of my life. And I will (hopefully) not do so in my following description of my day. I had not planned on blogging it until just now. And I promise I will not do this very often. As I said in my original mission-esque statement, there's nothing wrong with blogging about your daily life, it's just that it's not that interesting.

Anyway. This is the stuff they leave out in the Baylor School of Education promotional video.

About 10 minutes into the class day officers step into my room and the room next door and ask everyone to step outside and leave everything where it's at. This almost always means "drug search." And sure enough, they brought in the drug dogs. After about 15-20 minutes of all of us standing in the hall, the kids eyeing each other nervously, the officers are holding two backpacks and cart off two kids, one from my room and one next door - though I have them both in successive classes.

Next period, one of the students and the teacher next door to me get into a SCREAMING match. There was a "colorful metaphor" or two dropped by the student - whom I have in the successive period. In my class the student basically sat and stewed with a "I'm going to destroy you" dedication while she (did I mention, 'she?') did her work.

6th period, a few of my Pre-AP kids had a nice and heated discussion about the famous Monty Hall Math problem, and proposed to do a free-lance project investigating the solution. Love those Pre-AP kids.

7th period rolls around and I'm expecting to see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And I'm not far off. For outside, maybe 300 yards from the school a barn caught on fire (found this out afterwards), but the wind was blowing towards the school. So you look out the window and this thick black smoke was rolling over the school, looking like the school was or might catch on fire. It never did though. The kids were disappointed.

It wasn't a bad day, by and means, just an odd day, and one of those days that they don't really prepare you for. And I hadn't planned on blogging this until I turned on the car radio and, naturally heard this song:


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