Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The best thing to come out of the election yesterday:

I'll refrain from asking why it took so damn long, and simply take solace in the fact that it finally happened. Under a wave of unrest regarding the war, Donald Rumsfeld has finally been removed as Secretary of Defense. I don't know who will replace him, but it would be difficult to find a less competent individual. In fact, he was the initial inspiration for a brainstorm of "Most Incompetent Employee in America."

4-23-06 "I was thinking about prominent figures who simply suck at their job, thereby creating a forum of Worst Employee in America. The people who have the greatest disparity between what they are asked/paid to do and what they actually produce. We're talking the kind of gross incompetence that gets other people

(note: this does not mean who does the least. If that were the case, Darren Dreifort wins going away by doing NOTHING and collecting 10 mil a year.)

So I give you a short and by no means complete list of candidates for Most Incompetent Employee in America.
Please add to it:

Isaiah Thomas, GM New York Knicks
James Carville, Strategist/Spokesman for the Democratic Party
Toby McGuire, Actor
Skip Bayless, ESPN Columnist/Commentator
Scoop Jackson, ESPN Columnist/Commentator
Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
Ricky Davis, NBA Player
Scott Stapp, Musician (former lead member of Creed)
Dr. Phil, "Psychologist""

So despite the fact that it took so long, with civilians and men and women in uniform alike calling for his resignation, Donald Rumsfeld, architect of a military disaster of generational proportions, is currently unemployed.


JO said...

oh come on! Spider Man was an excelent source of cinematic entertainment. And what about that horse movie where he was the jocky?

Adam said...

Of course now all of this is in the hands of the current president of Texas A&M. I'm worried...

Adam said...

Or at least probably will be.

Ash said...

Poor Rummy, you have to give him something for consistency. He never wavered. He always looked adversity straight in the eye and never blinked. America will miss his stubbornness. The terrorists have really won.

gk said...

I should emphasize that I don't think this means we'll all the sudden find the answer in Iraq. As defeatist as it sounds, I'm not sure there's any way anyone comes out of this right side up.

Russ & Liz said...

You're right's like limping around with a leg snapped in half for six months.

When someone finally takes notice of the fact that you're in hideous pain and may well never walk properly again and they give you a band-aid...

Well, it's a nice gesture...but won't really help in any way. The problem is way too far gone for that.