Saturday, October 07, 2006

St. Elmo is Lloyd Doggett Territory

We here at Dear Mr. Supercomputer just can't seem to get off of this redistricting thing. It's so two years ago, I know. But tonight, I promise that we intend to conclude it here and now. The reason for this last visitation is that as I'm looking through my voting information, I found out where exactly the line is for my Congressional district, 25. Here's the view of this geographical absurdity.

I'm in that sort of beige one. I recently heard it endearingly referred to as a "fajita strip." So at the Northern end is Austin, and at the Southern end is the Rio Grande. Meanwhile, district 28 also occupied part of Austin (as does 10, and 21, and... well, you see what was done to the only bastion of liberalism in Texas). But where exactly is the line that divides district 25? Here:

That red arrow represents our house. The division between the pink and the beige is less than 100 feet from where I live. So our neighbors just down the street, I do not vote with them. Instead I vote with citizens in Mission, TX, 300 miles away.

I do not feel as if I need to add any more commentary on this. On my district or any of the other Texas districts.

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