Saturday, October 21, 2006


Perhaps it is ill fitting to include a play that went against the Cardinals, seeing as they were the ones to prevail in the National League Championship Series against the Mets, but this was one of the best plays you'll ever see. Nevermind the Mets lost the game. Endy Chavez made the most amazing catch any of us will probably ever see.

As a primer, there is only one thing you need to know about each team in the World Series.

St. Louis Cardinals - The worst team to ever get to the World Series? They won a grand total of 83 wins in the regular season. That means they had 81 losses. That means they were barely above average. And in fact, when you look at their strength of schedule, they were probably much worse than average. They played in by far the worst division in baseball. They backed into playoffs, including ending on a 3-9 run to enter the playoffs. They managed one run against the Mets' Oliver Perez in Game 7, even though Perez was one of the worst pitchers in baseball this year: he was given up on by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If St. Louis wins the World Series, particularly after the Indians missing the playoffs with over 90 wins last year, I'll throw up.

Detroit Tigers - They used to suck really bad. Just a couple years ago, they lost 119 games, an American League record. Now this got them into the World Series:

(If you're not sure what you just saw, you can go here to check it out from the living room view.)

But lest you think this is a total Cinderella story, let's not forget that the Tigers got here in part by spending a lot of money. And there is only one player that remains from that 119 loss season.

Still though, I don't want to sound too cynical. These are two proud franchises with great fan bases who could use a good World Championship. Cards fans are extremely loyal and Tigers fans might stab you if you bad mouth their team. So good luck to both of them. I have no rooting interest as the Cards' victory ousted me from the Baseball Prospectus top 10.


Ash said...

You gotta give us your take on the Kenny Rogers "Dirtgate" scandal. Is it legitimate? It sure looked damning when ESPN took separate looks at Rogers' hand on three separate occasions and the same discoloration was there.

gk said...

Oh. I'll have a take on it.

Adam said...

It looked like dirt to me. Just weird dirt.

gk said...

See above.