Friday, September 08, 2006

Speaking of Bill Simmons, his latest column contains the following nugget that my wife will surely appreciate. In announcing that his wife will be correspondingly making picks, he offers this (really poignent part in paragraph 2):

"Here are her credentials: She knows nothing about football. More importantly, she hates football. She's been counting down the weeks to the 2006 season the same way somebody looks forward to hernia surgery. It's not the sport as much as me. She knows I'm out of commission for the next 21 Sundays and 16 Monday nights. She also knows that my number of made/received phone calls quintuples during the season, which means she has to hear "the annoying voice," as she calls it.

(Note: Apparently my voice becomes 10 times more grating when I'm discussing football with my buddies on the phone. I'd like to think my voice is always grating, but she insists that it goes to another level during any NFL-related conversation. She describes it thusly: "It's like being trapped on an airplane next to someone who's screaming on a cell phone right before the plane's about to take off. Only it happens for three hours a week from September to January." I'm not saying this is true or untrue, but she believes it, and that's the important thing.)"

Steph understands Mrs. Simmons' pain.

Non-football related posts to come this weekend.

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Steph said...

you better be glad i work nights and i'll be sleeping through the annoying voice, fantasy football checks every 10 minutes, and that noise on the television.