Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am ready for some football. Please stop yelling at me, sir.

Aaaaannnnd....we're back. I'm excited about Charlie Batch. You're excited about Charlie Batch. Steph's at work. The reigning Super Bowl champs are on TV, and I need something to occupy my brain in between plays and the endless string of Coors Light commercials. Shamelessly ripping off Bill Simmons, I kept a running diary. So let's go to the game tape.

  • I personally was not "roused" by the introduction of Jerome Bettis.
  • When they allow the players to introduce themselves at the beginning of games they all follow the format of "Name, Position, College." Like "Chris Chambers, Wide Reciever, Wisconsin Badgers." It's gotta be real embarassing when the player has to use his high school instead of his college.
  • On that note, what would Maurice Clarett have said? "Maurice Clarett, Running Back, The Ohio State University that paid me, then stabbed me in the back, and then I went out in a bullet-proof vest to go hunting people with hatchets." I bet he wouldn't say that.
  • Let's just remember this about Charlie Batch: he was supplanted by Joey Harrington. And now he's starting for the Super Bowl Champs.
  • Something for the non-football fans out there: I've done a lot of thinking and at this point in the year, Gnarls Barkley is my favorite album thus far this year. Expect a full write up from yours truly. I know you're all a titter.
  • Hmmm...let's see, what saddens my heart most? A) The Patriots winning several Super Bowls with the Browns' ex-coach, B) the Baltimore r*vens winning the Super Bowl with the Browns' ex-team, or C) the Pittsburgh Steelers winning the Super Bowl with the Browns ex-assistant coach?
  • You know what this world needs? More inspirational football movies. Thank you, The Rock.
  • Wait a sec, Peyton and Eli Manning have an older brother who’s not in the NFL? His father was an NFL Quarterback. Both of his brothers are NFL Quarterbacks. I don’t care who you are or who your family is, there is no one in more hell at Thanksgiving than the eldest of the three Manning boys.
  • Well, it’s half time so here’s tonight’s bonus feature at Dear Mr. Supercomputer: What if....?

Steph and I were talking on the way to her work tonight about how right George W. Bush was when he said that Americans are “addicted to oil” and subsequently how Bush has done everything to “support the habit.” I posed one of those wonderful, unanswerable “What if…?” questions: What if Al Gore had been elected?

(Note: yes, I realize that according to many standards he was elected, but rather, what if he were the one in charge the past six years?)

I’d be willing to bet that we wouldn’t be at war right now, which is just a phenomenal mess of catastrophic proportions. I’d be willing to bet that Katrina would have been just as much of a debacle, maybe more so. The tech-bubble still would have burst and it’s possible that the economy wouldn’t be as strong as it is.

I do believe that we’d be way farther ahead of the game as far as renewable energy goes. We’re basically at the same point as far as our “addiction” goes that we were six years ago, maybe worse with the Rise of the Suburban Assault Vehicles. Because it appears that it’s the only thing that Al Gore cares about, it appears as if he’d get this one right. Whereas GWB still maintains that we need to “continue looking into global warming,” so as to determine what is man-made, it’s clear that Al Gore would have done something about it by now. I mean, he made a movie after all.

No, I’m not saying that Al Gore would have been a great president. But when it comes to the environment, which to me is the only issue that will have an impact 50 years from now, I think he’d have been much better.

My name is gk, and I approved this message.

  • Aaaaand we’re back. Never let Peter King appear on TV again.
  • I have been instructed to give a shout out to Anibal Sanchez. So here it is.
  • Boy, we sure do take football seriously in this country. I can start to see why Steph hates it so much. Just for the record, I totally hate it too.
  • Now, I remember the biggest problem I have with the NFL: start times. You start at 9 ET, you end well after gk’s bed time. Hope you all enjoyed.


Kendra said...

when steph works good things happen. she handles secretions and you write. it's a win-win!

Adam said...

A couple football related notes:

What in the world is "Football Night in America"? Is that not the lamest name for a show?

Did you see the Madden preview for Sunday night's game? He said something about how the hardest thing in football is being the mother of a QB (or something like that). And this is what they were using to promote the game...what?

Bettis' entrance was ridiculous.

Did you see Gore's movie? It didn't quite make it to Waco...big surprise...I'll have to wait for it to come to the $1 HEB video machine on DVD.

Adam said...

Oh, and Pink was just plain frightening.